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A  P E R S O N A L  M E S S A G E

Hi, My name is Kemal.

I am a professional composer, mainly working for the media industry; making arrangements and orchestrations for songwriters and producers. I also do orchestral mock-ups for fellow composers.

It has always been my passion to tell stories with music. Composing and designing tracks that serve motion picture in a perfect manner is my humble obsession.

Since my childhood, music has been my trusted guide to fully internalize films, TV series, and video games. Music has always come to my rescue, when it was hard to catch a slight gesture of a character due to my specific visual impairment. I’ve always believed in the unique role of scoring in a picture, and how important it is to elevate the story for the audience.

I am also a proud member of the Able Artist Foundation (AAF) based in the United States. AAF works to support composers with disabilities from all around the world, and advocates for them in music and entertainment industries. 

I am looking forward to meeting with you, listen to your story, and collaborate with you.



  • Born in Istanbul in 1989

  • Started musical training with piano lessons at the age of six, and continued piano until my high-school years. Performed in polyphonic choirs at primary school

  • Decided to go to a fine arts high school at the age of fourteen, with the dedication to be a professional musician since my childhood years. Studied on cello in fine arts high school. Also, continued piano training, performed in the school polyphonic choir, and conducted many seminars for younger music students

  • In 2013, completed my undergraduate at Kocaeli University Fine Arts Faculty Music Department. Performed in numerous concerts as a pianist and soloist during university education. Also studied on vocal training  

  • Between 2014-2019, worked as an arranger and ghostwriter, right after graduation. Composed and arranged different tracks for films and commercials during these five years

  • In 2020, named as the Grand-Prize Winner of the AAF Song Contest 2020 for Musicians with Disabilities

  • In 2021, invited to the contest jury of the AAF 2021 Song Contest for Musicians with Disabilities.

  • In 2021, has been started to conduct a workshop series in AAF for professional composers with disabilities, which focuses on library music composition.

  • Has been continuing to work as a composer, creating music for media mainly in Hollywood and U.S.

G E T  I N  T O U C H 



You can get updated about my works, follow my journey and connect with me through my Kemal Gorey social media channels
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  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud
  • LinkedIn
Feel free to send me a direct message with the contact form or send me and email to:

Thank you!

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